BBQ Smoked Chicken
Breasts, thighs, legs, wings...your choice because it all taste great when it comes off the Pit!  BBQ wings: traditional BBQ wings, Spicy Thai BBQ wings, Garlic BBQ Wings, Honey Mustard BBQ wings, Buffalo BBQ, you name it, we do it.

From the Smokin' Sea


Smoked Honey Brown Sugar Salmon
Salmon is great for all occasions for the carnivores and herbivores.  We take a tender fillet of salmon and lightly bathe it in Agave honey, brown sugar and salt.  The smoker does the rest of the work to give you a tender moist piece of fish.  It's like candy!!! Market Price Market price


Our ribs are St. Louis style cut ribs that are brined in our signature process of brining our meats in a blend of spices and marinade. The ribs are then dry rubbed with our Smokin’ Yankee seasoning blend. Once on the smoker for several hours, our ribs are lightly basted with our addictive raspberry BBQ sauce. 15 half slab 25 full slab.

Pulled Pork
Our apple cider brined pork is slow smoked over fruit woods for hours until the meat falls off the bone.

Smoked Italian Sausage
Sweet or hot Italian sausage smoked to lock in all the flavor.  Comes in minimum orders of 20 links.

The Tuscan Roll
For the true pork lovers!!  As seen on the home page images, we take a tender pork loin and fill it to the max with layers of seasonings, cilantro, bacon crumbles, sausage, garlic, spinach, sundried tomatoes and capicola ham.  It's placed in the smoker for several hours and out comes a wonderful medley of flavors for you!

The Roots
The Roots has a delectable mixture of root based vegetables.  Brussel spouts, carrots, butternut squash, a medley of mushrooms and slowly smoked pork belly meat.  This jubilee of vegetables are seasoned to perfection, roasted and waiting for you to dig in! mmmm...good!

Mac & Cheese
This creamy gooey creation has a blend of cheeses: cheddar, Jack, smoked provolone, asiago, parmesan and oh yes, blue cheese.  Peppered throughout you will find crispy smokey pancetta slab pork belly and fire roasted red peppers. Add smoked brisket to make it even more DELICIOUS! Warms the heart and soul. Enjoy it with family and friends.

Fire Grilled Vegetables
Simple, healthy and delicious.  Fire Grilled Vegetables are comprised of a medley of seasonal vegetables. We use a direct heating method over hot lump charcoal to give you maximum flavor.

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Specialty Items
Contact us to learn about some more Smokin creations we can make for your event! Call for pricing.

You will love our tailgating specialty options.  We can smoke and grill your food to your liking on site at the sports complex of your liking.  One problem...you will have a crowd of spectators watching the Smokin' Yankee getting busy smoking up your delicious food! Or, you can request a Smoke Box to pick up for your tailgate.  To build a Smoke Box is simple:  1. Pick 2 meats, 2. pick 2 sides 3. Tell us where to meet you!  You can choose two meats from wings, ribs, pulled pork, Mac & Cheese, coleslaw or potato salad.   All Smoke Boxes contained your warmed meats, side dishes all necessary condiments and utensils. Call for pricing.