steaks, sausage, jalapenos, corn on the cob and yes even pizza. Those are memories that I will always cherish because I bonded with my cousin and he sparked my early love for barbecue. The picture right is my cousin Guy. May God rest his soul.

Since then, I have been cooking ever since. I started on a Weber Genesis propane grill in 1999. It cooked very well and served it's purpose. After many years of dedicated service and good food, I had to retire it in 2007. I went back to my roots with an in expensive Weber One Touch charcoal grill. Great piece of equipment to experiment smoking meats on. The Smokey Joe Series is a cool little charcoal grill to play with as well. I moved on to the Weber Ranch Kettle. The Ranch Kettle has been the most versatile and functional grill on the market for none. It’s large, you can grill your standard staples of burgers and chicken, but you use it as an indirect smoker for pulled pork, brisket and ribs. Truly an awesome piece of equipment that can feed a lot of people. I still use it to this day. Fast forward after countless barbeques and family gatherings, I have moved on to a large competition style stick burner smoker. My rig now is a Meadow Creek TS-250 with a BBQ42 chicken cooker. One word…SWEET!!!!!

Cousin Babe and Guy have since passed, but the love for cooking and barbeque they instilled in me runs deep in my soul. It is my honor to serve you from my heart and the inspiration from Cousin Babe and Guy through my smokers and grills. All of the food prepared for you is cooked with Pride and Quality so every bite is Delicious. Enjoy Smokin Yankee BBQ!


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I was born and raised in NJ hence…I’m a Yankee! As a teenager, I would go to my cousin Guy's house often to hang out. His father was from Maryland and could cook his "you know what" off! We called him Cousin Babe. On summer weekends, I would wake up to the most amazing breakfast. I would smell fried potatoes with onions, eggs, biscuts and maybe some bacon, sausage or scrapple cooking. The smell alone would wake me from my sleep. He cooked all of his food in an old black cast iron skillet that would put any new non-stick pan to shame. Cousin Babe would barbeque with my cousin and I. As he progressed in age my cousin Guy and I took the reigns and began to experiment with barbeque in his back yard. He had an inexpensive propane grill and we thought we were really cooking something! You name it, we put it on the grill from chicken, burgers, 

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